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School Made Me Write This



Death Gore blood on the floor

People scream no more no more

Mercy will not be given today

All humans will pay


Slaughter dead on the ground

Blood stain walls all around ryhme

Satan will be waiting

For us to come down


The sound of screams

And cracks of necks

Are music to my ears

As fire sears blood rains down

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Slender Game Review

Hi internet School made me do this

also recently i played slender which is apparently really scary and has made various internet people crap brick on camera so i decided well was made to make a review on slender.  Okay so if you don’t know what slender is which i highly doubt but if you have been living under a rock slender is this tall guy in a tuxedo he has long arms and stalks children if they enter woods and the only way  to get out is o collect all pages the link to the creepy pasta is here. Okay so the game starts with you walking through some dark woods with a flashlight it uses your basic wasd keys to operate the through the dark place your basic objective is to stay away from slender man and collect all eight pages he wont come until 1 paged is obtained



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Why 7I is better than 7A

seven high is taller  well most of us we are all very tall which means we towerover all the other classes that also means were strong

we have a bigger shoe size which make us jump higher so we can touch the sky

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My Report

English i got all highs

iLearn all highs again so that’s pretty good

Food i got 4 mediums  and 1 high i need to be more organized and use my class  more wisely

maths i got 4 highs and 1 medium

French all mediums which is good so i dont fail

i got the same  in music

sose i got full highs

pe i got 3 highs and to mediums







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The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race was a thing in school were me and my partner and to run around the school finding specific landmarks some where difficult to and or right down

some of the hard things were the sign outside the girls toilet, the name of the hall, the name of the auditorium and the word of the window

how waas my team work: Crap absoulute utter crap the partner wasnt coming and talking to other people and being frustating so I went on my own for a while

i think i went well but hey HAVENT GIVENN ME THE TEST RESULTS >:(

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Holidays Part 2

Week 2


on monday we were debating on whether  to go to the maze or the zoo

We went to the maze. Its a place were there are mazes, animals and playgrounds

first we went into the first maze were you had to touch flags climb the tower of hope go through the door to enlightenment and escape. collected all the flags without cheating.

while everyone had left the maze…beside me once i got out i caught up were everyone had gone to one of the playgrounds. i actually walked of an went into the bird cage were i got some photos which i will post

Later on we deccided to go to the mini golf. my sister one and i lost


On tuesday we went to Monsters University in 2D. It was an awesome movies but not as good as the origanal.


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My Holiday Part 1

Week 1

Tuesday i got on the plane to perth with my grandma and pa. the drive and plane ride were very long and boring happy i had a sleep on the wayt to melbourne and on the plane.

after the plane landed i had a huge ear ache and after the plane I got picked up by my other grand parents

later we went to the movie despicable me. its an epic movie the minions were hilarious and so stupid.


I woke up and got dressed to go to aqwa (aquarium in wa)

it took about an hour to get there

there were stingrays, sharks and fish. They were really beautiful and cool

there was a touch tank there were you could touch starfish, stingray, and sharks. stingray


me my brother and sister we wemt to a market were we had.I had Indian my brother and sister had chinese

then we walked around at the maret we got 3 dollars to spend. i saw a preadator from alien vs preadator made out of chains

we caught the train back home


We went to Kings Park

we went to the playground

then after we went to the DNA which is a giant tower at kings park. Very high

and then we went to the treetop walk


we went to my aunty

after getting there we went to scitech

while is sci tech we watched the show Things That Glow. it was an epic show which explained light and stuff

also we went into spy tech which is one of those temporary exhibition. it wasnt as good as i’d liked.


we went to king park agian

this time we had a barbecue.the barbecue was nice  we had sausages and chicken kebabs.


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Who Wants Rockcakes

I was told to put this recipe on the interwebs i my Food class

1& 1/2 C S.R flour

1/2 tsp mixed spice

1/3 C butter

1/3 C  raw sugar

1/3 C mixed fruit

1 egg

1/3 C milk


  1. Sift the flour and mixed spice into a large bowl.

  1. Rub in butter into the flour and spice. It is ready when it resembles breadcrumbs.


  1. Add raw sugar and mixed fruit with the flour mixture and stir.


  1. Mix milk and egg together in small jug.


  1. Pour milk and egg mixture into flour and using a wooden spoon stir until combined.


  1. Place 12 even spoonfuls of mixture onto your greased trays. (3 rows of 4).


  1. bake for 15-20 minutes. They are ready when they are light golden brown in colour.


8.Cool rock cakes on wire rack to cool down before presenting your best three on small white plat e

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Cyber Netrix

this site is has horrible graphics the questions are easy and i know everything it didnt help me in any way shape or form

though its really funny when you purpously get the stuff wrong in the chat room it put thing up with like a pedofile out your window and Your guide gets kiddnaped and you see a poster of him disapppearing

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Smartie statisctics

There were 12 smarties in my packet

Orange was the most common in my packet


I found that excel doing it better

because it saves time with typing in the command

my amount of smaties was different


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